At Endurance, we specialise in Fibreglass roofing systems. We are a local company based in Newark covering the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire areas

Although we pride ourselves on our professionalism, workmanship and attention to detail; Our core values are our friendly one to one customer service and our reliability.

So what is a Fibreglass roof?

Fibreglass has had many a use since it was invented in circa 1933, luxury yachts, kayaks, storage tanks, helicopter rotor blades, walkways in factories and ships and oil rigs to name a few…and now roofs.
Fibreglass roofing systems are the new proven solution to almost all flat roofing problems. This new generation of flat roofing provides a life expectancy of 30 years+.
Unlike traditional felt and lead roofs there are no seams or joins, it is a single fully waterproof membrane that covers the entire surface of the roof.
It is also extremely flexible to allow it to cover gutter valleys and around chimneys etc.
We use premium resins and top coats that all come with a 25 year product guarantee
The top coats we use are available to you in a wide range of colours to allow your flat roof or bay window to blend into your surroundings.
Also available in a range of anti-slip top coats perfect for balconies and walkways and again come in a wide range of colours.